Private Neuromovement Lessons for Children and Feldenkrais Lessons for Adults


Private, hands-on, and individualized movement lessons are a process-oriented approach to healing trauma, brain injury, developmental delay, & learning disability in children. Also for adults wanting optimal movement and a committment to upgrade their overall health and well-being.

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Video Lessons & Training on Zoom

For those occassions when it’s not possible to come to my office, you can enjoy the benefits of movement lessons in your own home.   It’s simple:  we schedule a lesson, I email you a link to the meeting location, and you click on the link .    All it takes is a video camera on your computer.  Most computers come equipped with video cams. The session is recordable, should you make a special request, I send you the session in the form of an .mp3 file.  You can repeat the lesson at your leisure!

  • Adults are guided through an awareness through movement lesson specific to their individual needs.
  • Children are guided through a hands-on movement lesson with a parent or caregiver
  • Sessions are 1 hour for adults and 40 minutes for children
  • Children experience a neuro-movement lesson with a parent doing the application of the technique while Patricia guides the parent through the neuro-movement process.  This is an excellent opportunity to deepen your understanding of the Nine Essentials
  • You can schedule single lessons, or groups of lessons.
  • Zoom video lessons are a proven way to maintain gains your child has made during intensives and to reduce or prevent regression between intensives.
  • Zoom lessons are a great alternative for those adults and children living in remote geographic area
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Patricia can help you implement educational, plasticity-based programming. Lectures, workshops, multi-day clinics and seminars are available to improve your business, family, or professional practice.

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  • Health Care Providers: Nurses, behavioral therapists, & counselors, developmental, and play-based therapists
  • Educators: Public, private & alternative education with integrated populations. Summer camps & outdoor programming for the special needs population.  Specialized teacher training to transform the IEP process from a milestone-oriented approach to individualized, process oriented approach
  • Parents
  • Adults
  • Children with Special Needs
  • Medical Professionals: Physiotherapists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, general practitioners, pediatricians, speech & language specialists.


I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 10 years ago at the age of 45.  I am a senior executive at an international manufacturing company and travel extensively.  I have been under the care of an outstanding physician and have progressed through a series of drug treatments that have been effective in moderating my tremor and fine motor skills for 60 – 75% of my waking hours.  I have tried other non-traditional therapies over the years with no resulting benefit.  Last year I became aware of Feldenkrais therapy through an article written by Andrew Weil.  It turned out that Patricia Holman was a 5-minute drive from my home so I decided to give it a try.  Three months into treatment I am thrilled with the improvement in my overall movement and level of energy.  While my tremor is still present, I feel like the length and quality of my “on time” has been improved and my rigidity has been lessened which has helped to significantly improve my sleep.  Pati has demonstrated an amazing ability to “center in” on the needs of my body in any given session.  Her commitment and passion are evident as Pati works to eliminate what she calls “parasitic resistance” to my body’s natural movements.  While Feldenkrais may not cure my disease, it has certainly improved my quality of life.  I am truly thankful to Pati for sharing her gift with me.


Patrick Ciriacks

People & Culture Leader  / Creation Technologies

“Given my mothers age and the severity of the stroke she suffered in January, ’09, she has been written off by the medical establishment. Because she was not ambulatory, she became Medicare ineligible in the nursing home setting in which she resides. Patricia has stayed with us through thick and thin. The result is that mom’s physician that has assumed responsibility for her medication says he can’t believe her progress. Her agitation is diminished and the movement on her affected side has continued to improve. Mom’s improvements are incremental milestones, nothing short of miraculous. Patricia finds the keys which unlock the door to movement. We appreciate her in ways she will never know. We are thankful for the spirit of Moshe Feldenkrais which lives in Pati through her perceptive awareness, caring touch, and kind guidance to relearn movement.”

– Heidi Stutzki

“Whenever I have had episodes of back,neck, hip, or knee pain, Pati’s work has helped to resolve those issues in a day or two. I have recommended Pati Holman’s work to friends and relatives. They have also derived great benefit from the process. I feel that we can all improve the way that we move and that moving can be more natural and effortless.”

– Cari Bravo-Fernandez, M.D.

So, now the real test, on my horse after the Feldenkrais work.  As I rode, I made sure to think about my pelvic and head movement with the horse.  It really relaxed my back muscles.  I exaggerated twisting to the left and then went back to the center.  My feet were the same in the stirrups.  I kept falling back into my old twisted body pattern, but caught myself and fixed it.  I also kept thinking about how I lift my chin and kept tabs on that.  After a while the walk felt good.  Then I trotted.  NO ankle pain, back still relaxed.  Now, the canter……….It was wonderful.  Clancy felt like he was moving differently.  He may have been, but it was probably more that I was sitting centered and we were both more comfortable.  For the first time in my 42 years of owning a horse, I believe I felt what centered riding is.

THANKS for helping me with that “feel”!!


Julie K


On the drive home Friday after my Feldenkrais lesson I couldn’t believe how relaxed I felt.  I haven’t felt that relaxed since I had acupuncture.  I couldn’t believe how much movement I had in my shoulders & elbows.  It was wonderful.  During the whole ride we did not have one pulling match between us.  He did not lean on me once.  I could actually soften him to the left, his stiffer side, and use my left leg to move him to my outside rein.  My left leg used to be so heavy that this wasn’t possible before.  The whole left side of my body feels lighter & better!

– Mary Ann C. / Equestrian

“Life as I knew it changed after I was injured in two auto accidents. I turned to traditional as well as alternative methods to manage and cope with the pain. Nine months ago, my physician referred me to Patricia Holman. After the fourth lesson, I knew I had another tool to help me cope with my chronic pain. I’m learning how to be better focused and use my body differently. I’m also incorporating this new awareness of myself into my daily exercise routine & activities. This time, it is a positive lifestyle change for me. I can walk more freely without the limp I was becoming accustomed to, and my pain levels have diminished greatly. What a great feeling! I only wish I had known about the Feldenkrais Method before my injuries as I now know the power that brain/body awareness can bring to daily movement and life.”

– Marlene Wilde, Consulting Director to the IT Industry

“I’m in too much pain for even Pati to help today.”
I have a back injury that is significant in terms of how much it has turned my life on its ear. The chronic pain impacts my ability to do almost everything.
And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had this depressing, “Nothing is helping”  thought upon entering Pati’s studio.  And it never ceases to amaze me how much better I feel, how much like my former self, and how many things I can knock off my to-do list after a session.  I feel very grateful to have found her.
Debbie M
Former Sales Executive


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