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“I have a rock-solid confidence that all children, no matter the severity of their challenge, can overcome their disability and reach their potential through learning.  I help kids accomplish elusive developmental steps using the educational model of the late Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, and his student, Anat Baniel.  Anat Baniel’s practical and proven Nine Essentials, is the best way to help infants & children navigate their way to successful functional outcomes.  Both methods are a holistic approach to human functioning and are based on the principle that the brain organizes all movement.


“Children are amazing!  They depend 100% on learning for everything they’ll ever be able to do.  And learning occurs in the brain.  The brain’s job is to create billions of new connections & organize them into coherent & functional outcomes.  Brain development can occur on a higher or lower level, and every child’s path of development is unique.  At the same time, the foundational processes & conditions needed for successful brain development are the same for all children.

The Anat Baniel Method for Children™ is a science-based revolutionary approach for waking up your child’s brain and providing it with the information and conditions to thrive and powerfully transform limitations into surprising new possibilities.”


“We don’t focus on trying to have a child accomplish a specific developmental milestone at a given time.  We don’t advocate  accelerating your child’s development, since it pushes your child to perform specific skills before their brain has the necessary underlying neural networks to be able to perform those skills.

In other words, the brain needs to first reach a level of maturity that makes it possible for your child to do whatever skill they’re ready to learn and master.

Using the language of the brain—Movement with Awareness, Slow, Subtle, Variation, Attention—your child’s growth, development,and potential are successfully switched on, & they experience how self-initiated action leads to unlimited & surprising outcomes!”


  • TRISOMY 13, 18, & 21

Therapy has been center in our life of battling the cerebral palsy affecting our son’s motor and communication development. We have tried it all and it fills Roa’s life. It is a daily struggle to manage therapy and doctor appointments.

Upon meeting Pati, we knew the ABM approach was going to be a good one. Pati interacts with Roa as a PERSON. She respects his need for space, honors his attempts at communication (even in the form of a tantrum), engages him in full attention to his own movement, and approaches him in a gentle, playful way. Pati not only helps Roa gain more awareness of his place in space, but she empowers us as parents by modeling for us the ways we can assist Roa on his path to independence. Since our intensive program with Pati, we have slowed down our aggressive schedule. We have seen little changes in Roa that mean so much- Roa exploring movement of his tongue, trunk, and arms that we have not seen before. He seems to be a bit more comfortable within his body.

We look forward to our next set of sessions with Pati where we, as a family, gain more awareness of our actions and how they affect development both inside and out.

~ Jennifer Thayer, mother to Roa, 4, diagnosis quadraspastic cerebral palsy

When I met Pati at a workshop I felt that the ABM Method was something totally different, that it was empowering and honest, clear and subtle. Agustina has been in therapy since she was 23 days old and now she’s 18. We’ve always tried to give her the best therapy so, although we know that her limitations are many, we’ve never given hope to find a new perspective on the human being and its body. We’ve always believed that Agustina can understand everything that happens around her and that she has a different kind of language that allows her to communicate with us, albeit more body-emotion based. The ABM Method is the only therapy she’s had which sees her as a whole and takes into account her willpower and boosts it with subtle, loving movements. All through the session Agustina was given time to give her opinion and therefore she was able to participate more actively. She’s done only 10 sessions but the change is impressive. She’s more present in the family meals, she can sit better and she can control her body with more organization. She’s also more relaxed and cooperates in everyday decision making, such us which clothes she wants to wear and so on. For us these things make a huge difference. We’re grateful and full of joy.
Thank you Pati!

Andrea Leite, mom to Augustina, Montevideo, Uruguay

For my son with autism, the focus of therapy was always on the big three: communication, behaviors, and social interaction. No one seemed to notice how he moved; how limited he was. Except me. I thought it must not be that important. Then I discovered the Anat Baniel Method™ and that movement was, in fact, the key we had been missing all along. After a few short lessons with Pati, my son was choosing positions and movements he never had before. This was a subtle, but amazing shift in his options for experiencing the world, feeding his brain with new information and possibilities and creating gains in the other areas as an almost-magical side effect. Definitely the most impactful therapy so far. Looking forward to our next series.

Erin Lemieux

I was very excited to be able to watch your work with Daniel at your clinic in Glendale. After your first intensive weekend with him I noticed right away in my sessions back at his school that he was able to move his left hand more clearly and with better intent. He also used his voice in a less restrained way and was much more playful expressing himself. During the session I observed Daniel was able to come up using a rotational pattern onto his knees. Again this appeared very effortless compared to the way he is used to moving.

Mary McCutcheon, Physical Therapist

Our daughter, Natalie, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and Periventricular Leukomalasia after being born at 24 weeks. For several months Natalie received therapy from traditional PT and OT. We saw little to no progress with Natalie during this time. My husband and I were also often discouraged due to the therapist’s focus on what Natalie “can’t do” versus working with her where she is at that point. We then started with the Feldenkrais model and Natalie became “alive” and interested in her surroundings. We have been taking Natalie to see Pati for the past few months and are pleased with the direction Natalie is going. Natalie recently started army crawling and has more control over her body. Pati has been such a great, positive aspect of Natalie’s lives along with our family and we recommend her to anyone looking to make a positive change for themselves or loved one. 

Erin E. and family

Hi Pati,

I just wanted to let you know that we are seeing the most remarkable changes in Paige since our return from Durban! She is playing with the mobile on her sitter chair for the first time ever. She has started kicking her legs, reaching with her arms and seems to slowly be realizing the law of cause and effect —If I hit it… It moves.  She has made a 4 month leap in 4 days!  Yay!

Terry Vallett

Johannesburg, South Africa


I am an occupational therapist who works with children and adults in private practice. A pediatric patient of mine had been traveling around the country for the Anat Baniel Method for children. The family had told me about ABM which made me curious  and how my little patient was going to benefit from ABM. After he  returned from seeing Pati, he started to navigate around his environment with much more ease.  He learned from Pati more about his own body and natural movements through attention and self-awareness. I was so happy to see the progress he had made and it got me curious about this method—therefore I decided to take a trip to see Pati in action. Upon seeing firsthand her pediatric sessions and knowing that she travels to introduce ABM to parents & kids across the country, I invited her into my private practice to help those in need in Bismarck ND. I believe more children with various disorders deserve to experience ABM with Pati in order to awaken the brain, transform their own lives, and gain independence within their environments. She is a kind-hearted person and works well with the children.   I’m proud to have gotten to know her !

Geri R.  OTR/L

It has been an eye-opening week for me, to say the least. This week I’ve seen Faith move in ways I never thought possible for her, barring a miraculous healing. It was amazing to see Faith push her feet in her footrests to help scoot her behind to the right place in her chair. It was amazing to see Faith “find the middle” of her chair and to sit up in a straightened position all on her own – even without the support of the laterals on her chair. She was excited too and repeated, “I did it! I did it!” I’ve come to realize that keeping Faith strapped and restrained tightly in her chair has not allowed her to explore ways for her to achieve purposeful movement. Her movement has always been so random and so disorganized, but through the Anat Banal Method, both Faith and I learned that there are ways to help her organize and move her body that are beneficial to her. In doing so, her brain can actually form new neural connections.   I’ll share some photos that I took while Faith was working with Pati Holman, who comes to Bismarck from Milwaukee, WI.

Cari Bousfield-Mom

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