Patricia Holman, Guild Certified Feldenkrais® and ABM Neuromovement™ for Children Practitioner has a rock-solid confidence that all children & adults, no matter the severity of their pain or movement challenge, can rediscover their resources & vitality for a deeply-lived life. The Feldenkrais Method is a movement-based, hands-on, healing and learning modality.  It's an embodied and integral approach to human functioning.  In a movement lesson, thoughts, emotions, sensations and actions are re-mapped and integrated, and shifts are made  from reactive & habitual, to responsive and present-moment.   Attending to the "self" in action, is the locus point for transformation.   Patricia is an empathic, intuitive and compassionate guide and teacher.     "I've worked with hundreds of individuals, with an enormous variety of difficulties and challenges in my 30 years of practice.  In most cases,  a significant shift in self-image and function occurs after a few lessons.  Thereby opening an interior passage to the core-self and one's deep resources for healing, learning, and living." She is Owner & Director of The Mind, Moving & Learning Project", based in Ashland, Oregon, USA.